Vikas S. Shah
Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer

Professor Vikas S. Shah is a serial-entrepreneur, investor, thinker and educator who has built businesses in diverse sectors around the world for almost 20 years. He started his first entrepreneurial business at the age of 14 and sold it at 16. He is a consultant and advisor to numerous entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations globally along with being and Honorary Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship at the University of Manchester Alliance Business School and Professor of Entrepreneurship on the MIT Sloan Lisbon MBA.

Vikas is also a multi-award winning writer, and his journal, ‘Thought Economics” features his conversations with many world leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, artists, creatives and entertainers including Will.I.Am, Buzz Aldrin, Noam Chomsky, Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson, 20 Nobel Prize Winners and various Presidents and Prime Ministers. He is frequently called-on to provide commentary and opinion, and has featured in media including: The Economist, Guardian, CNBC, BBC, Sky News, Bloomberg and the FT. He has also spoken and judged at many of the world’s most influential entrepreneurship events.